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Federal Documents

With more than 30 years of litigation support experience, LEGAL DOCUMENT RETRIEVAL, INC. provides exceptional support in almost any area law.  Projects are followed through to the finish line and we always keep you updated through out the process.

Search through the holdings of the courts at the state and county level for reliable pleadings on files, local rules, precedents, and any other filings of local and state level as well as corporate and individual asset search and skip tracing.

Our trained staff will provide fast and reliable services for government documents in active and closed files.

Get prompt access to documents filed with U.S. and Bankruptcy courts through us. We scour these Federal Litigation class action pleadings. Our legal document team also monitors bankruptcy files, docket sheets and claims filed. Provide your firm with Certified copies of Petitions, Orders, Claim and other documents. Overnight Certifed Discharge Orders to the client on the day the Order was signed.

Gather the evidence and information your case needs with litigation support services from LDR, INC. Contact us to learn more about our paralegal services.

  • Patent & Tradmark Research
  • UCC Search
  • Class Action Cases
  • Home Land Security & Immigration Requirements
  • Residential & Commercial Property Search
  • Intellectual Property
  • Investigatory Research
  • Probate
  • Criminal Litigation
  • Corporate & Partnership
  • Ligislative Intent
  • Notary Services
  • Merger & Acquisition Requirements
  • Lien & Asset Search
  • Service of Process
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